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I have made a few changes to both Michael's Haven and Sandy's Pretender Haven.
First of all some design changes and a new URL for both sites: Both sites were spread across my home page and quite a number on angelfire so please change the URL in your favourites to the addresses below.
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November 04
Sorry for not updating till now, (work commitments).

"Burn This"
As you may or may not know Michael is appearing in The Huntington Theatre Company  production of "Burn This"  at the Boston University Theatre.
Opening 12th November 04  - 12th December 04
Ed Siegel (The Boston Globe) Review
Check out "Burn This" Gallery plus pics from Mercy's Trip to Boston.


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Campaign TPM: Third Pretender movie.
"This campaign is not like any other which has been attempted before.
The fundamental difference is that we are collecting signatures from fans who are willing to fund a third Pretender movie.
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"Calling 1 Million Pretender Fans" petition is live, go sign it now!!


September 04

"UNTIL THE NIGHT"  LA Premiere and meeting with Michael.
Mercy attended the LA Premiere of "Until The Night" and was lucky enough to meet Michael afterwards - here is her story.

Well, I'll start at the beginning.  When I read about the screening of "Until The Night" in LA and the possibility that the actors would be present, I told myself I was not going to miss it this time. So I purchase the tickets by fax about a week before the show and started counting the days.  That must of been the longest week in my life. 

On Thursday August 26th, we left home about 7:00a.m. and drove to Los Angeles. The trip took about 6 hours and we arrived in LA around 1:00p.m.  We went directly to the Egyptian Theatre and got our tickets. 

The movie was not going to start until 7:30p.m, so we had like 6 hours to kill, so my daughter and I decided to go site seeing around Hollywood Blvd.  The place is very interesting, with lots of souvenir shop, street performers, coffee shops, restaurants and all kinds of stores.  My daughter of course could not miss the chance to do some shopping.  Unfortunately, the parking is crazy and we ended up getting a parking ticket.

Later we went for a drive around Beverly Hills and took a walk on Rodeo Drive. They were filming some commercial and it was pretty crowded. 

Around 5:00p.m. my husband and son drove us back to Hollywood Blvd. and left us near the Egyptian Theatre. They left to do some more exploring around LA and they ended up going to Venice Beach, which was only like half an hour from downtown Hollywood, and rented some bikes to ride around the beach. They told me it was very nice.

Well about 6:45 p.m my daughter and I went back to the theatre. While we were waiting outside, I heard this lady taking to a gentlemen about her trip to Las Vegas for the showing of "Until the Night". Just before entering the theatre, my daughter and I approached her and started talking to her about her trip to Las Vegas and meeting Michael on the previous screening.  Her name was Kelly and she wrote a very nice detailed story about her trip to Las Vegas and movie review in the Yahoo Michael T. Weiss Fan Club.  

Finally they open the doors around 7:00p.m. and we all went in. Kelly ended up sitting with us and we continue talking about Michael and the other pretender cast members and their current projects.
At first there were only a few people in the theatre, but later on more people arrived and the theatre got pretty full.  I did not see Michael or the other actors in the audience.  Maybe they sat way in the back of the theatre for privacy or came in much later after the movie started.

Anyway, the movie started and it was pretty good.  It's kind of dark but realistic and at times very depressing.  Michael performance was very dramatic and intense.

After the movie, the host from the American Cinematheque group introduced Greg Hatanaka, the director and the actors, Kathleen Robertson, Sarah Lassez and Michael T. Weiss.  They all came down from the audience and sat down on the chairs right in front of the stage. We were sitting like in the fourth row from the stage, so we had a very nice view of all of them.  While they were answering the questions from the audience I managed to take a few good pictures.

When they finished the interview, which lasted like 30 minutes,  people started to leave the theatre, but a few went down to the stage to talk to the director and the actors.  So my daughter and I went down there as well.  When we approached Michael, he was talking to an older gentlemen and a lady.  He looked at us and smiled. I guess he noticed that we were waiting to talk to him and wanted this guy to finish and move on, plus we were pretty nervous.

Well, my daughter approached him first and congratulated him on his role in the movie.  He was very grateful and polite. Then I approached him, shaked his hand and also congratulated him on his performance.  I told him that I was one of his biggest fans, and that I had some letter for him from his biggest fans in Australia and Holland.  (Sandy and Merian's letters)  He was very happy to receive the letters and gave me one of his great smiles.  I also gave him a little gift and a card and he started to open it right there in front of me.  He was so happy and very sweet.  Up close in person he looked and sounded just like on the TV. Then we asked him if we could take a picture with him and he agreed right away. He put his arms around both of us and this other lady took the picture for us.  We thanked him and moved aside to allow others to talk to him. We also spoke to Kathleen Robertson.  I wanted to talk to the director, Greg Hatanaka, but he was pretty busy talking to other people.

On the way out of the theatre, we notice that Michael was coming up the aisle by himself right behind us, so I turned around and decided to ask him a few more questions.  I asked him if he was going to do more future appearances in the show Crossing Jordan and he answered that probably not.  I also asked him about future projects and he said that in about two weeks he was starting work on a new series, but he did not give me any more details. Maybe it’s still in the works.

Well, I congratulated him again for his performance in the movie and wished him the best of luck in his future projects.  He thanked me and we said goodbye. We all walked out together and that was the end of a very exciting and unforgettable evening.

We left the theatre around 10:00p.m. Kelly said good-bye and headed back to her hotel and we hit the road. We had 6 hours drive ahead to get back home. We finally got home at 4:00a.m tired, sleepy, but thrilled and a little in shock.  Nevertheless, if I were given the opportunity to do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.



Until the Night

Landmark E. St. Cinema (DC)
Clinton St. Theater (Portland)
Sept 17 - Regal Galaxy 4 (San Francisco)
Sept 24 - Landmark Varsity (Seattle)
Sept 24 - Starz Film Center (Denver)
Sept 24 - Oak St. Cinema (Minneapolis)


August 04

On Thursday 26th August 04 "Until The Night" was screened at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles. Some of the cast and crew were in attendance and after the show they sat in front of the stage and answered questions from the audience about the filming of the movie. From all reports Michael's performance was great. After question time some people stayed behind to talk to the director and actors.
Thanks to Mercy and Kelly we have a few pics of Michael from that night.

UTN Picture Gallery



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Campaign TPM: Third Pretender movie.
"This campaign is not like any other which has been attempted before.
The fundamental difference is that we are collecting signatures from fans who are willing to fund a third Pretender movie.
Click here for more details

"Calling 1 Million Pretender Fans" petition is live, go sign it now!!


New Pic Of Michael
(thanks Merian & Karen)





Sledge: The Story of Frank Sledge
Michael plays a Drug Lord in the now finished "mocumentary". Sledge Picture Gallery
No release date yet.


Directed by: Brad Martin,
Writing credits: David Leitch
Genre: Comedy
He wanted to see the bright lights of Broadway, so he packed his bags and moved to Hollywood.
Plot Outline: In the spring of 1986, no one had  heard of Frank Sledge. One year later, Bloodfight 2 was #1 at the box office... And a star was born.
A 'mocumentary' on the rise and fall of Chip and Dales dancer turned martial arts action star, Francis Allen Sledgewick, AKA Frank Sledge.


July 04
Crossing Jordan - Third Season

For Australian Fans the first episode in Season 3 'Devil May Care' is on Monday night 12th July 04 at 8:30pm (channel 7), please check your local guides. Repeats of Season 1 can be seen on pay TV on 'W ' on Sunday nights. 
Michael guest stars as Jordan
's half brother 'James Horton' in a later episode called 'Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?'


June 04
June 12th - Las Vegas Film Festival 2004
Michael has 2 movies screening at the CineVegas Filmfestival  in Las Vegas NV. Until The Night & Marmalade.
Until the Night - Pathfinder Pictures
Written & Directed by Gregory Hatanaka.
Produced by Taka Arai
Stars Norman Reedus, Kathleen Robertson, Missy Crider, Sarah Lassez and Michael T. Weiss.
     Until the Night examines three individual lives that explode with sexual tension, violence, chaos and misunderstandings as each runs their spiritual gauntlets and faces their personal demons.

See Picture Gallery


Marmalade - 
Written by Jennifer Kusner & Jill Sorensen
Directed by Kim Dempster
Stars Jill Sorensen, Jennifer Kusner, Eric Schaeffer, Michael T. Weiss, Michael Panes, Sam Robards and Josh Pais.
     At the age of 29, cover girl Kim (Jill Sorensen) is already over the hill. After being sent home from a photo shoot for “looking tired,” and getting snubbed by her agent, Kim tries to coax her boyfriend (Michael T. Weiss) to move to Connecticut with her to start a family. When he dodges her request several times, she breaks up with him to get his attention. The breakup, which he accepts all too readily, ends up sticking, and Kim is forced to adjust to a new life.


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