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I am sorry that I haven't been able to keep up with this site, Pretender Haven and the message board as much as I would like to, but due to family and work commitments there doesn't seem to be time to fit everything in. Hopefully next year will be less hectic and stressful.
Thank you all for your continued support.

December 05

The Pretender Season 3 DVD
The current release date for Season 3 is 14th February, 2006


November 05

Michael no longer with Untitled Entertainment
Thanks to "Ask Dr Mike" for this info:  "I just learned today, that Michael is 'no longer a client' of Untitled Entertainment. Unfortunately I don't have a new address to send fan-mail for him to yet."


October 05

Change of address for Michael's Agency
Untitled Entertainment has a new address so all fan mail should go to:

Michael T. Weiss
c/o Untitled Entertainment
331 North Maple Drive, 2nd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


September 05

Sledge: The Untold Story
There is a limited theatrical release planned for February 2006 and a DVD release in April 2006. Visit the Sledge website for further updates.


August 05

Although Written in Blood was released in 2003 in Asia it will finally be released in the USA on DVD on 6th September, 2005.


July 05

The Pretender Season 2 DVD Delayed
The release date is now 20th September 2005.
Artwork for Season 2
Can be Preordered from Amazon


June 05

Michael will play 'Dr. McCabe' in a new movie called "Fade" which will start shooting sometime in June 05 in San Diego. Also starring Sarah Lassez ("Until the Night") and David Connolly (as 'Arthur') as the main characters.
Check IMDb for updates on "Fade"

The Pretender - Season 2 On DVD
The Pretender season 2 DVD  is set for release on September 13, 2005. 4 dvd discs, wide screen, dolby, dubbed, subtitled.


May 05

Huntington Theatre - Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Michael will star in Christopher Hampton's  "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" January 6th - February 5th, 2006 at the Boston University Theatre.  Directed by Daniel Goldstein

Justice League
Michael will again be the character voice of  "Jason Blood" in Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited.


April 05

"The Chicago Academy for the Arts" Pic
This news piece is from "E - Connect Vol. V" (2004)
Email newsletter for "The Chicago Academy for the Arts"  It has a pic of
Michael and his sister Jamie with Fred Schill (Media Arts Chair).
(Click thumbnail for larger pic)

Many thanks to Erinn for finding this article.

Site News
A few design changes for Michael's Haven, and more Screen Caps (9 episodes) from "The Pretender have recently been added to "Pretender Haven".


March 05
Iowa - World Premiere - 25th April 2005
will premiere at the Tribeca Festival, New York on Monday 25th April 05, then on Wednesday, 27th & Friday29th April 05
Click here for Theatre Venues and showing times.


The Complete First Season of 'The Pretender"
will be released this month (22nd)

The DVD (Region 1) set can be pre-order from Amazon and
other online stores.


February 05
2nd February  - Happy Birthday Michael!!!
Best Wishes for a Very Happy Birthday.


January 05
"Until The Night" DVD release
26th April  2005 is the release date for "Until The Night"

UTN Picture Gallery

Read Mercy's Story of "UNTIL THE NIGHT" LA Premiere and meeting with Michael


"The Pretender" First Season
The new release date is now 22nd March 05.
The DVD (Region 1) set can be pre-order from Amazon and other online stores.


Dec04 / Jan 05

Site News
I have made a few changes to both Michael's Haven and Sandy's Pretender Haven.
First of all some design changes and a new URL for both sites: Both sites were spread across my home page and quite a number on angelfire so please change the URL in your favourites to the addresses below.
Michael's Haven -
Pretender Haven -


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